Madhaus has paired with Symatic to provide Australia with cost effective and value for money pre-fabricated home solutions.

We are pioneering pre-fabricating housing in Australia.

Providing a higher standard of construction, higher quality of finishes, windows & doors.

Best of all, it is all assembled in 4-5 days.

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The Process:

Design: Madhaus designs a custom home to your scope and requirements as per a traditional build

Fee Proposal: A cost analysis will be undertaken to compare construction options, generally Pre-Fab option is more cost effective and faster

Engineering: On confirmation of the prefabricated option, engineers will undertake assessment of the structural elements to suit the design while making them modular and suitable for transport, with fast assembly onsite.

Manufacturing: Once the elements have been engineered it is time for manufacture where this takes approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the project

Packing: Elements are then carefully packed in the open top containers ready for their transit from Europe to Australia

Freight: Shipping generally takes about 6 weeks with extra allowance for customs and clearances at port. From the port containers are trucked to site

Arrival On Site & Assembly:

The time has come, the elements arrive for assembly on-site by your selected builder or contractor. 

With assembly taking about 4-5 days, this reduces on site time by approximately 80%


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