The Haus 26 features a malfunction space with the ability to make it suitable for holiday housing, backyard granny flat / studio use, Bed & Breakfast accommodation etc The possibilities are endless.

The Haus 26 is prefabricated, meaning that by teaming up with Symatic, we are able to provide an easy to assemble structure with assembly for Haus 26 Structure taking approximately 2 days.

Haus 26 starts from $57,000 delivered to site via Open Top Container

What is included in the Haus 26 Prefab package

  • Wall Elements, with KVH timber frame, Rockwool insulation, OSB 3 sheeting, plasterboard lining, electrical conduits already installed

  • High Seam roofing and cladding

  • Gutters and down pipes

  • Double Glazed Upvc Windows and doors

  • Internal Doors 

  • External Timber look cladding

  • External Courtyard pergola LVL

  • Assembly instructions 

Perfect for Owner Builders or Clients looking for something quick to assemble to a high quality.

The Haus 26 is one of the only passive house ready granny flats on the market, what you would expect to pay $3,000-$4,000 a sqm for something passive house certified, Haus 51 now makes a passive house certified granny flat financially possible.

With all walls being a minimuim of R4 and all glazed windows being Double Glazed Upvc , this allows for a high level of thermal comfort which you can't get anywhere else.

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