Albion Park Haus

DESIGNER / Trent Sacilotto

Designing on a hill, has its challenges. Especially in a newly subdivided area where the client wanted a house that was different from all the project homes that were being copy and pasted onto the surrounding plots of land.

The brief was simple, 3 bedrooms with a 4th or a study.

Dealing with a hill, the issues of mass excavation, cut and fill becomes an issue. The aim was to design responsibily to the site, with minimal excavation but without building too high.

The result is a tiered approach to the layout, with the private open space being in the middle of the home, providing proper outdoor living on a site where the only other option was a backyard that was all up hill.

Designing around a private open space, provides a soothing environment to live in.

It enhances natural light to penetrate all day, while also providing practical use of the outdoors.

Also we were able to make the layout of the dwelling work to provide an attached granny flat at the front of the dwelling, to provide an extra income for the home owner, without any loss of privacy within their own home.